Learn how to trade Forex, Equities, and CryptoSubtitle: Combining Fundamentals, Technical Analysis, and Market Sentiment to Trade Forex, Equities, and Cryptocurrencies

Author: George M. Protonotarios



This book contains all the essential information you need to trade equities, Foreign Exchange, and cryptocurrencies. Everything is included in a single book, as 60% of all the skills you’ll need to trade successfully is common for all financial markets.

There are three important conditions to trade successfully in any financial market: a strong fundamental landscape, a nice market structure, and an accurately-measured trading range. If fundamentals agree, and the market structure has proven itself, knowing the trading range is the only thing you need. This book contains a wide variety of technical analysis methods and techniques in order to help investors recognize market structure in early stages, identify support and resistance, and accurately measure the trading range. However, the complex world of financial trading is a zero-sum game. Someone has to lose in order for someone else to make a profit. And as there are a few people making a lot of money, there are a lot of others who lose constantly. This is why clever investors always add a contrarian flavor to their decision-making process, and most of the time, trade against the public sentiment.

All financial asset classes follow a similar pattern that starts with fear and ends with greed. Smart traders enter the market when the fear of retail traders pushes prices below their ‘fair value’ and sell when the retail greed pushes prices well above their ‘fair value.’ This never-ending circle between fear and greed creates numerous opportunities for patient traders. On a macro scale, fundamental analysis is the perfect tool for identifying the ‘fair value’ of a financial asset and measure risk. Risk and reward are the two crucial inputs of any investment decision. In addition, technical analysis is useful for the identification of price trends and the optimization of entries in the market. Professional traders use both these analysis methods in their decision-making process. They use fundamental analysis to decide what to buy and technical analysis to decide when to buy. To summarize this concept in just one phrase, always think like a fundamentalist investor when deciding what to buy and act as a technician trader when entering the market. Think like a whale and trade as a shark.


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Subtitle: Fundamental & Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency Thinkers

Author: George M. Protonotarios



A decade ago, the issue, exchange, and use of digital money without the intervention of a centralized bank was a dream for the financial industry. That dream came true faster than anyone could have predicted. The global penetration of the Internet works as an accelerator to the acceptance of every new technology that aims to serve the emerging needs of people. This is the ultimate goal of every technology, to better meet the needs of people, and nothing else matters. Cryptocurrencies can serve that mission by providing fast and low-cost payments around the globe and by offering security, scalability, and programmability via the use of Blockchain technology.

This is a complete guide to cryptocurrency trading for beginners and advanced cryptocurrency traders. It includes useful information about cryptocurrencies, and extensive educational resources regarding fundamentals, technical analysis, and money management. More specifically:

  • Basic Concepts Regarding Crypto
  • Fundamental Analysis & Basic Valuation
  • Technical Analysis Indicators & Theories
  • Money Management
  • Platforms & Exchanges

Via a wide variety of useful resources and charts, this book aims to create cryptocurrency thinkers who:

(a) select investments based on fundamental analysis,

(b) make entries based on technical analysis,

(c) decide how much to trade based solely on money management.

In overall, this Book may help readers understand and explain the behavior of the cryptocurrency market and successfully trade the extreme fluctuations of crypto-asset prices.

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