Introduction to the TCI Technical Analysis System by

TCI means ‘Trading Center Indicator’ and it is a technical analysis system that can be used for forecasting any price pattern of any financial market or asset. The system was introduced to the web by and it is an idea of George M. Protonotarios.


TCI Can Analyze Any Financial Market

TCI SystemOne of the key features of the TCI system is that it can perfectly analyze any financial market or asset in any timeframe. That includes Forex, Stocks, Indices, Bonds and Commodities. There is a common factor behind the price behavior of any financial market/asset. That factor is human psychology. Human psychology repeats itself in different markets and is characterized by exaggerations that tend to form overbought and oversold markets.


The Psychological Factor in Short-Terms Periods- Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is the King in the Long-Run

In the long-run, the price of any market/asset is valued based on fundamental facts and figures. For example the price of a Forex exchange rate or a government bond is based on the level of interest rates, political risk, inflation and other major macroeconomic figures. On the other hand the price of a stock-market share is based on factors such as earnings, dividends, business risk etc. In the long-run, financial markets are wise enough to give credit to real market performers. But are the same markets wise in short-periods too? The answer is probably no.

Technical Analysis is the King in Short-Term Periods

In the short-term, as market conditions change radically, retail investors can’t deal with them in the same way as in longer periods. New technologies, changes in the legislative landscape, and other major developments can alter the strategic ‘Status Quo’ of any industry. During such periods fundamental analysis becomes obsolete as it cannot longer provide realistic valuations. At this exact moment when fundamental valuations are changing financial markets tend to become highly irrational and extremely volatile.

Take for example the Nasdaq market and the .coms madness of the year 2000. As the world realized that the internet economy was about to change everything, Nasdaq valuations became absolutely irrational. Startups with zero assets achieved valuations of P/S=100 and P/E=400. This was an obvious market bubble.

Forex Ratings -The New Forex Rating Formula 5.0

“Ensuring the safety of trading funds by paying low transaction cost for receiving state-of-the-art technology”Introducing the Forex Rating Formula v.5.0 -the most advanced Rating Formula ever built

The Rating Formula Series is a concept of the financial analyst George M. Protonotarios and aims to revolutionize the ratings of all brokerage Firms.


Content -The Problem With Online Ratings

Based on internet statistics, more than half (50%) of all user reviews/ratings are fake. This is happening as online corporations have a huge commercial incentive to hire outsiders in order to produce favorable reviews for them and unfavorable reviews for their competitors. Evidence comes from the fact that most of these user reviews/ratings receive extreme values (i.e. 10/10 or 0/10). The Rating Formula series comes as an alternative solution to this problem. The Rating Formula provides a stable, honest, and objective framework in order to rate any brokerage firm.

The Rating Formula consists of a 4-factor rating model based on the four (4) major aspects of Trading: Safety, Competition, Trading Options, and Technology.

The Rating Formula focuses on the ultimate mission for any trader:

“Ensuring the safety of trading funds by paying low transaction costs for receiving state-of-the-art technology”


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