The Best Ten (10) Online Plagiarism Tools

Web Plagiarism Tools can be used to Identify if your Web Content has been Copied

There are several online tools that can be used for that job. The most popular tool is certainly, but there are some good alternatives too. Here are some relative links and relative info.

1. »

Functions: Copy & Paste URL

URL Checker: Yes

Price: Free & Pro for 0.05USD / search

2. »

Functions: Copy & Paste Content

URL Checker: Yes

Price: Free

3. » Plagium

Functions: Copy & Paste Content

URL Checker: No

Price: Free

Sell your Web-Site Online – 14 Free & Paid Web-Sites Markets

These are the 14 best ways to sell your web-site. Some of the markets presented offer completely free web-site listing, other paid web-site listings and other demand success fees.



Type: Web-Sites Market

Cost: Listing Fee & Success Fee

This is the greatest web-site market in the world. Listing is charged with one-off fees and success fees.

Existing Web-Sites

New Web-Sites

Domain Names

Mobile and Tablet Apps

19 USD Fee

9 USD Fee

9 USD Fee

19 USD Fee

10% -If Sold Success-Fee

15% -If Sold Success-Fee

10% -If Sold Success-Fee

10% -If Sold Success-Fee


2. eBay

Type: General Market

Cost: Listing Fee

eBay is a huge online market that offers the chance to buy / sell almost anything. Many web-sites and domains are listed for sale at eBay.



Type: Buying Web-Sites

Cost: Fee

Sell your high-quality Web-Site. This company target web-sites with the following characteristics:

a. Websites with premium-keyword domain names

b. Aiming at webmasters

c. Drive traffic to networks such is eBay and Amazon


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