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CrowdFunding –10 Web-Sites to Fund your Project


These are the ten (10) best websites for funding a Project using CrowdFunding.

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1. IndieGoGo


IndieGoGo is one of the top sites for funding a project. IndieGoGo offers the chance to keep all the funds you raise, even if your goals are not met. Here are the basic characteristics of IndieGoGo:

i) Keep 100% ownership of your campaign

ii) 4% fee on the funds you raise when you meet your goal and 9% fee if not

iii) Analytics for tracking contributions

iv) Customer support team and education

v) Fund any project

vi) Fund your project no matter where in the world you are located (except a few countries)

vii) Non-Profit Projects can also be funded at Indiegogo.

Fees: 4% fee on all projects meeting their goals and 9% fee on projects not meeting their goals

Allowed Projects: Funding available for all types of projects


2. KickStarter


KickStarter along with IndieGoGo are the most popular choices for funding a project online. KickStarter charges 5% fee on raising funds plus the 3rd party processing fees. Here are some KickStarter features:

KickStarteri) Very large funding platform

ii) Focusing on creative people and projects (not every category allowed)

iii) Keep 100% ownership of your campaign

iv) 5% fee for all projects

v) Project may be able to offer rewards and benefits

vi) Social Media integration (Facebook and Twitter)

vii) Non-Profit Projects can not be funded via KickStarter.

viii) If you don’t meet your funding goals you receive no funds

Fees: 5% fee on the raised funds

Allowed Projects: Creative projects (Design, Art, Film, Games, Music and Technology etc)


3. Pozible


Pozible is based on Australia and offers crowdfunding of multiple creative projects. Be aware that if the funding goal is not met, then all funds are returned to the contributors (All-or-Nothing).

Poziblei) Focusing on creative people and projects (not every category allowed)

ii) Keep 100% ownership of your campaign

iii) 4-5% fee on all projects

iv) 3-Month maximum raise-funding period

v) If your funding goals are not met by the deadline, then all funds are returned

vi) Charity projects are not supported but community projects by non-profit organizations can be supported as long as they are creative in terms of the final cause

Fees: 4-5% fees or raised funds

Allowed Projects: Limited to creative projects (Community, Design, Writing, Art, Film, Games, Video, Music etc)


4. RocketHub


RocketHub is operating as a full CrowdFunding community with rewards and benefits for contributors. That means that you raise funds by providing in exchange goods or services to contributors. The success fee charged is 8% of the raised capital.

i) 8% fee (see below for more info)

ii) You may keep your funds even if you don’t meet your funding goals

iii) Exchange goods or services for the funds you receive

iv) Raise funds no matter where you are located

v) Non-Profit Projects can be funded

Fees: 8% fee either you achieve your funding goals or not. More specifically:

a) If you reach the funding goals: 4% fee + 4% credit card fee

b) If you don’t reach the funding goals: 8% fee + 4% credit card fee

Allowed Projects: RocketHub allows projects from many different categories including community projects, business and science


5. GoFundMe.com


GoFundMe is a crowdfunding community specialized in personal funding. GoFundMe focus on individual projects and allows donations for personal or social needs. There are three categories of funding available Personal Funding, Charity and All-or-Nothing Funding. Here are some characteristics for GoFundMe:

i) Receive Donation for Funding your personal needs

ii) Great variety of projects allowed

iii) 5% fee on the raised funds

iv) Fund your project no matter where you are located

v) Social Media integration (Facebook and Twitter)

vi Non-Profit Projects and Charity are fully supported

Fees: 5% fee on the raised funds

Allowed Projects: Personal and charity funding projects


6. CrowdRise.com


CrowdRise is a crowdfunding community for charity. The funded projects include personal projects, volunteering projects etc.

i) Receive Funds for personal or community causes

ii) 5% fee of the raised funds

iii) Social Media integration

iv) Non-Profit Projects and Charity are fully supported

Fees: 5% fee of the raised funds.

Allowed Projects: Charity Projects (Personal or not)


7. AngelList


AngelList is a CrowdFunding community for technology startups and tech investors. Startups pay nothing but investors pay 10% carry to AngelList. The minimum investment is 1,000USD.

Fees: Startups pay nothing and Investors pay 10% carry to AngelList

Allowed Projects: Technology Projects (startups)


8. Quirky


Quirky offers the chance to submit a new product. You can submit your product idea for $10 and if this idea is selected you can earn a percentage of the sales generated. All product ideas must answer four questions:

i) Will this product make people’s lives better?

ii) How will this product really work?

iii) Will this product stand over time?

iv) Will people buy this product?

Fees: $10 per submitted idea

Allowed Projects: Physical consumer products, no business ideas, no new foods, no standalone software


9. MicroVentures


MicroVentures focus on new products and new technology. Submit your investment idea paying $100 flat fee. If the idea is approved, then it is listed on MicroVentures. Finally, MicroVentures charges 10% fee on the amount offered by investors.

Fees: $100 flat fee and10% of the raised funds

Allowed Projects: Technology, electronics, online products, business and consumer products, consumer products etc




Invested.in offers three different crowdfunding categories: Individual funding, business funding, and charity projects. Invested.in is available for any country.

Fees: From $345.90/month without transaction fees

Allowed Projects: Individual, business, and charity funding projects


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CrowdFunding –10 Best websites to fund your project