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Sell your Web-Site Online –Free and Paid Web-Site Markets

Sell your Web-Site Online – 14 Free and Paid Markets

These are the 14 best ways to sell your web-site. Some of the markets presented offer completely free web-site listing, other paid web-site listings and other demand success fees.


1. Flippa.com

Type: Web-Sites Market

Cost: Listing Fee & Success Fee

This is the greatest web-site market in the world. Listing is charged with one-off fees and success fees.


Existing Web-Sites

New Web-Sites

Domain Names

Mobile and Tablet Apps

19 USD Fee

9 USD Fee

9 USD Fee

19 USD Fee

10% -If Sold Success-Fee

15% -If Sold Success-Fee

10% -If Sold Success-Fee

10% -If Sold Success-Fee


2. eBay

Type: General Market

Cost: Listing Fee

eBay is a huge online market that offers the chance to buy / sell almost anything. Many web-sites and domains are listed for sale at eBay.



3. Webuywebsites.org

Type: Buying Web-Sites

Cost: Fee

Sell your high-quality Web-Site. This company target web-sites with the following characteristics:

a. Websites with premium-keyword domain names

b.  Aiming at webmasters

c. Drive traffic to networks such is eBay and Amazon



4. BuySellWebsite.com

Type: Web-Sites Market

Cost: Listing Fee

Buy and sell web-sites. Listing costs $67 for 2 weeks or $97 for 3 months. It is obvious that listing for 3-months is much more cost-effective.



5. Dealasite.com

Type: Web-Sites Market

Cost: Free

List a domain or a web site for free.



6. Sedo.com

Type: Domains &Web-Sites Market

Cost: Success Fee

Sedo is maybe the largest market for buying / selling domain names. They have also added the ability to sell a web-site. Listing is free and only success fees are charged by Sedo.



7. DigitalPoint.com Forums

Type: Forum

Cost: Free

This is a very popular Online Forum site that provides its members with the opportunity to sell their web-sites.

Requirements for Selling Web-Sites:

a. Member for at least 14 days

b. Do not have a reputation ranked in the red

c. Have 25 minimum posts on their boards



8. NamePros Forums

Type: Forum

Cost: Free

This is a Domain Names Forum providing the chance to sell your established web-site.



9. GeekVillage.com Forums

Type: Web-Sites Forum

Cost: Listing Fee

Listing a web-site on GeekVillage.com forums costs about $10 while you must be a member to sell any sites.



10.  BusinessesForSale.com

Type: Business Market

Cost: Listing Fee

Buy and Sell businesses of all types including Online Businesses. Listing costs 49 Euro per month or 99 Euro for 6 months. Highly geographical optimization is offered.



11. InternetCompanyForSale.com

Type: Web-Sites Market

Cost: Listing Fee

Permanent Listing of a web-site costs $59.95 while featured listings cost $99.



12. Webmaster-Talk.com Forums

Type: Forum

Cost: Listing Fee / Free

General web-sites listing fees is free. Fees are charged for premium listings.



13. WebsiteBroker.com

Type: Web-Sites Market

Cost: Listing Fee

WebsiteBroker allows web-sites listing for 90-days for a $9.95 fee, or $29.95 for premium listing with more exposure. Domain names can also be listed at $9.95 or at $14.95 for premium listing. No success fees are charged.



14. Craigslist.org

Type: General Listings

Cost: Free

Craiglist is a very popular web-site.. Listing is free and highly geographical optimized.



■ Sell your Web-Site Online –Free and Paid Web-Sites Markets

by Giorgos Protonotarios, Investment Analyst and Domainer